Our Promise

Our commitment is to keep packaging and exhibitors fully recyclable to protect the environment;

We also prefer the use of primary containers to avoid waste of paper and cardboard, usually used for secondary packaging of cosmetic products.

We have also decided to commit ourselves to maintaining an advantageous price to give the customer the opportunity to purchase the same product used by their trusted Hairstylist.

In November 2017, according to the latest ISTAT data, the unemployment rate among young people rose to 39.4%, even growing by 1.8 points compared to the previous month, and by 1.6 points in a year.

Translated into absolute terms: 627,000 under 25 italians are looking for a job and cannot find it, and over 4 million are inactive, that is, they have also stopped sending curricula. in the 25-34 age group, that of entering the world of work, the unemployed have grown by almost 11 percent. A sign that the transition from school or university is anything but easy.

Our commitment is therefore to collaborate with a team of young entrepreneurs under 25 for the Everygreen project. In particular, these talented young people deal with the development of the website and social platforms linked to Everygreen, as well as the creation of all the multimedia contents present in the above mentioned channels (video, photo ..); we have decided to join, in this way, the great project concerning the integration of young people into the world of work, a project to which all Italian companies should join.

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